A variety of different aims can be pursued with the foundation of a corporation in Switzerland, including the development of the Swiss market or the establishment of a company location for international business activities.

Lower corporation tax rates are not the only benefits of relocating a place of business to Switzerland from abroad. We can show you further options such as the foundation of a domiciled company in Switzerland.

However you strategically orient your Swiss corporation, we will be by your side as a competent advisor during foundation and, if desired, also in the first phase of growth.

consultancy and management support in the first phase of growth.

The foundation of a public limited company in accordance with Swiss law is normally a quick and simple process – provided that you know the procedure and can properly organise processes between notary publics, legal and fiscal advisers, accountancy, revision and bank. We have in-depth knowledge of valid legal mechanisms and, thanks to the great contacts in our network, are in the position to implement procedures such as these in a legally sound manner and within a short amount of time.

In the initial situation, a difficult time for many company founders, we can also provide support in the areas of management and administration – right through to the transfer of a board membership mandate. Confidentiality and discretion are standards defined by Swiss legislation.

Individual consultancy in company foundation.

Which management tasks are to be carried out for you on either a short- or long-term basis depends on the concrete specifications and circumstances and is something that must be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

Over the past few years, we have accompanied a whole range of companies from many different sectors throughout their first growth phase and beyond and we possess well-founded expertise and significant references in this area.

Opportunity of domiciliation of your new company.

When founding a Swiss corporation, the company concerned requires a domicile in Switzerland. We are able to offer you a domicile for your corporation in the shape of the BusinessCenter at the Service-Wohnpark-Freihofmatte.

Internal and external office services.

Should you require administrative office services, external accountancy services or external auditors for your company or for the subsequent business activities, we can provide active support though our BusinessCenter.